Ways to control your sex imagination

We have the power of imagination to create innovations. Our minds keep on thinking and at times, come up with solutions. Our imagination can make things better for us, including that of our sex life. 

Sometimes having a vivid imagination can do wonders when you go sex dating. It can add that much-needed spice that your normal sex routine has. Other times, it may go overboard. The key here is for you to be able to control your sex imagination so that it remains to be a fun and healthy thing.


Here are a few ways that you can control erotic imagination:

Sharing with your partner

If you bottle up your sexual fantasies, there will be times that you may be tempted to act on them with others during the wrong moment. Being able to share your sex imagination with your partner can help you fulfill those thoughts and make them into a reality. You’ll never know if the person you are with is into what you’re thinking about if you don’t share it with him or her.

Doing this can also add an even deeper level of intimacy. You can act on the fantasies that have been brewing up in your imagination with the consent of the person your having sex with.

Mixing things up

Odds are that you aren’t the only one with rich sexual fantasies. You can shake things up and ask the person you are talking to about the fantasies that they have as well. It can be your friend or even a person from a sex dating app like 6App. At least you won’t get stuck with the same scenarios in the bedroom time and time again.

You can even mix it up and combine your sexual imaginings with the fantasies that others have. There is a chance that you can also fulfill these thoughts as sexual roleplay. You can act out your fantasies so that they won’t just be in your head and drive you stir-crazy.

Set the scene

When you find yourself with a rich sex fantasy that has been going through your head over and over, the best thing to do about it is for you to act it out. This is a great way to get it out of your system and you to finally enjoy your imagination in real life.

Control it

When it comes to your sex imagination, you can easily control it by channeling it in an exciting way. You don’t have to keep it to yourself and let it drive you nuts. You can always find ways for your sexual fantasies to get fulfilled in the right way with the right partner. Sharing your fantasies with others, collaborating with your sex dating partners, and setting the scenes for your roleplay are just a few ways that you can control these imaginings. 

No matter how vivid your imagination can get, there is always a way for you to be able to translate it into real life. You and your partner can get creative and experiment on new ways to fulfill those fantasies that you have always had.